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Are you a fan of social media who loves to share your moments with your friends?

Are you running an ecommerce business but often get tied up with inventory budgeting, product sourcing and all kinds of operational work?

Are you struggling to grow your online business, or are you thinking of starting one, yet you don’t know where to start?

No matter which type of person you are, here comes the chance!

Be part of the SquareArk community and you can connect with industry insiders, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and ambassadors from different industries!

We are not only a platform, but also a community for you to connect, share, and grow together.

Sign up now and join the SquareArk family!

Perks of Being Our Ambassador

1   Exclusive Private Online Sales with discounts up to 80% OFF

2    Earn with every purchase made

3    Up to $1000 HKD REFERRAL BONUS

4   End-to-end support for your customers

5   Beauty workshop, networking events and more

Our Key Features

2000+ Virtual Inventory

Our extensive inventory consists of beauty, skincare, luxury and lifestyle products from leading brands

Secure Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway supports major credit cards (VISA / MasterCard) as well as Alipay

Easy Sharing

Generate your unique store link and share it on your social media channel

Effortless Cross-selling

We curate products for you to cross-sell to your customers. Buy more and earn more.

Back-End Support

You can focus on marketing your store while we deliver the products to your customers’ hands.

Convenient Order Tracking

Track and monitor the order status of customers and your commission anytime

How It Works

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Kickstarting your business is way easier than you’ve ever imagine. You need no cost, no barrier, but only passion! Sign up and be our ambassador in just 30 seconds!

Share the Link

All set? Time to promote your store and skyrocket your sales! Just simply 1 click to share your online store through your personalized link.

Sales & Order Track

Worried about logistics support? You can always track your sales and order anytime, anywhere in our App. We will deliver your customers’ orders directly.

Get the Commission

Well done! Once your orders have been proceeded, you will earn a commision for every order you have made. You earned it!