Brand Partner

Professional team to take your business online 


Reach our extensive customer base 

No upfront cost involved

Delivery and fulfillment to be handled by SquareArk

On time payments 


Be our brand partner to leverage our e-commerce platform and grow your business fast!

SquareArk has been collaborating with over 1000 retail brands to help them build up e-commerce business, increase online sales and boost brand visibility on social media.


Harnessing the power of our wide network of influencers in Hong Kong and Mainland China, brand partners are able to reach more potential customers and drive sales revenue effectively.


Our optimized platform and full logistics support also makes it hassle-free to scale business with us.


Why sell-through SquareArk

Impactful Network

SquareArk owns a wide distribution network of ambassadors in Hong Kong and Mainland China

Quick & Secure Payment 

SquareArk settles payments quickly and securely via Stripe 

Full Logistic Support

SquareArk takes care of order fulfilment and logistics, enabling you to stay focused on the main business

Account Manager

SquareArk provides you with a dedicated Account Manager to scale your business through our platform


How it Works

Step 1
List Products

Our Team helps you to take your business online through our platform. You can decide the pricing and monitor the performance

Step 2
Receive Orders

Our ambassadors help promote your brand on social media and you will receive orders immediately

Step 3
Reliable Logistics

We work with established logistics companies to ensure customers get their delivery on time.

Step 4
Receive Earnings

All our payments are deposited on time and in a secure manner


Get in Touch

We are always on the lookout for more brand partners and ambassadors to join us.

Reach out today for more information.




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