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Activate your network of social sellers with

SquareArk Platform

Amplify your brand distribution through the right Ambassadors

At SquareArk, we curate every single ambassador to ensure that they are matched with the right brand and target audience.

By harnessing the power of our ambassadors, our brand partners are able to reach more potential customers and drive sales revenue effectively through our platform all in one place.

Why Sell Through SquareArk?

Impactful Network

SquareArk offers a wide distribution network of Ambassadors in Hong Kong and Mainland China

AI Matching

SquareArk recommands you the right ambassadors to reach your target audience

Quick & Secure Payment

SquareArk settles payments quickly and securely via secured payment gateway

Full Logistical Support

SquareArk takes care of order fulfilment and logistics

1  Professional support to help your brand succeed

2   Get access to CRM database and data analytics tool to generate business insights and boost brand exposure

3   No upfront cost involved. Pay for performance only

4   End to end support ranging from marketing and promotions to logistical and customer support

5   Timely and Secured Payments

6   Detailed sales report with visibility over every conversion metrics

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