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General provisions

The Terms govern the Services available on the Website and on websites, on websites, which are linked on the Website, the rules for the access to the Website and provision of the Services by SquareArk.

By using the Website, the User declares that he/she have agreed to and accepts the Terms. By using the Services SquareArk and the User enter into an agreement on provision of electronic services, conditions of which have been set out in the Terms.

The Terms are available for the User on the Website for free at any time, in particular before entering into an agreement on provision of electronic services in accordance with the Terms (before using the Services). The User is also entitled to request making him/her the Terms available in such a manner that the terms may be obtained, displayed and recorded by the User.


- Scope of Services
On the Website and on the websites, which are linked on the Website, SquareArk offers the following Services:
- downloading of SquareArk and its relevant services
- contact form
- signing in to the account on the Website
- signing up to get updates from SquareArk
- Technical requirements for the Services and Website
For the proper use of the Services and the Website it is required to have a device with an internet connection and internet browser. We recommend using the following internet browsers: Google Chrome (version 69 or later), Firefox (version 63 or later). To achieve a better user experience we recommend to enable JavaScript and opt-in cookies.
- Downloading SquareArk and its relevant services
Within this Service the User may download SquareArk and its relevant services. Providing Services by SquareArk starts with downloading SquareArk in whole, particular files of SquareArk and ends after the downloading is completed.
In order to download SquareArk or its relevant services, registration or provision of any User's data is not required. In order to use SquareArk, the User must be at least 18 years old. Minors may only use SquareArk under the supervision of an adult. The User shall be aware that SquareArk is constantly updated and shall give attention, which release of SquareArk he or she is working with.
- Contact form
Within this Service the User may contact us, in particular for estimating a project or get the SquareArk. Providing Services by SquareArk starts with providing data via contact form and ends with sending of submitted information to SquareArk.
For using the contact form no additional technical requirements have to be fulfilled, but the User has to submit information about his or her contact data.
- Signing in to the account on the Website
Within this Service the Users, who are customers of the SquareArk, get access to SquareArk account. This version of SquareArk is a paid service. More information about payment for SquareArk can be obtained by contacting SquareArk.
Providing Services by SquareArk starts with signing into SquareArk account by entering e-mail and password. Performance of Services on the Website ends with logging out of the account.
Signing up to get updates from SquareArk
Within this free Service the User may sign up to get newsletters about updates from SquareArk. Providing Services by SquareArk starts with entering e-mail on the Website and ends with clicking the button “SIGN UP” and sending of information to SquareArk. As a result the User shall receive e-mails about updates of SquareArk.
To use this Service the User has to have a valid e-mail account, facebook account or WeChat account but no additional technical requirements have to be fulfilled.
- Complaints
Any complaint regarding providing Services shall be made at help@squareark.com.
In the e-mail concerning a complaint the User shall give as much information as possible about the case, especially describe the malfunction (e.g. date, type and form of malfunction, details of such malfunction), its impacts on the Services and contact details.
We will try to handle any complaint as soon as possible, at least within 14 days from its receipt and contact the User using the previously provided contact data.
- Providing content within SquareArk's community
Via the Website the User may obtain information about the SquareArk’s community. By participating in the SquareArk's community and using the solutions made available for the SquareArk's community, the User will be redirected to other websites. SquareArk is not responsible for those websites and their availability. Before using the SquareArk’s community the User shall get know the terms and conditions applying for those websites and follow them.
- Using the Website
The Website is for information purposes only. By using the Website, the User may obtain information about SquareArk, including information how to download SquareArk, releases of SquareArk, its features, advantages and options for customizing or implementation of SquareArk. Each User is entitled to use the Website for free.
To use the Website, it is not required to register or fill in a form. However, some additional services with regard to SquareArk (e.g. downloading, filing in a contact form, registration, posting) may be offered on other websites, which are linked on the Website. By using these websites, the User may expect that some extra data have to be provided or some special requirements may be imposed. Notwithstanding the provisions of the Terms, to find more information about our services on the linked websites, the User shall visit these websites, read and follow the terms of services available on these websites.
The User is obliged to use the Website in accordance with the Terms, applicable law, principles of community life, good practices, especially rules followed by the Internet users (netiquette). In particular, the User is not entitled to:

If the User violates the Terms set out above, we have the right to take any legal action resulting in claiming compensation.

- Website's content
We seek to ensure the quality of the Services on the Website, but we cannot guarantee that the Website and the content on the Website will be available uninterrupted and with no breakdowns. If the User will detect an error or a bug on the Website, an appropriate information may be submitted at: help@squareark.com
Responsibility for links
Our Website includes links to other websites, which (in case of some of them) are not governed by us. We do not take responsibility for availability of these websites. To the services available on these websites separate terms of services shall apply and we encourage the Users to get to know them before using these websites.
Costs of the Services
Using of the Website is free.
Only if the User decides to use some other services related to SquareArk (e.g. customizing, extra code), some additional costs may occur.
Data protection
To learn how we process the User’s data read our Privacy Policy.
Copyrights, intellectual property rights, know-how
All content, graphics, logos, interface, pictures and other materials available on the Website are protected by copyrights or intellectual property rights.
The User is entitled to use the content of the Website for private use and inform other persons about our Website provided that the source of the information (Website address) shall be identified. Any commercial use of the materials on the Website requires prior consent of SquareArk or obtaining a license form SquareArk.
It is forbidden to duplicate, reproduce or modify materials available on the Website, irrespective of the form of these materials (e.g. in paper or digital form).
On the Website we may show examples of SquareArk’s implementation, but we always take care to get an appropriate consent from our Clients to use those photos. Therefore, the above mentioned restrictions concerning use of the materials on the Website shall also apply to those photos.


Governing Law
These Terms shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong SAR. These Terms will not limit any consumer protection rights arising from the applicable mandatory law.

We may at any time change the Terms by publishing the amended Terms on the Website or by otherwise notifying the Users of the amended Terms. The User is obliged to monitor the Website to ensure he or she is aware of any changes in the Terms.

In case of any questions or comments concerning the Website or SquareArk, please contact us at help@squareark.com for more information.
When contacting for technical support, other questions or complaints, the User indicates their details, such as e-mail address, in order to be able to obtain answers to their questions or complaints. This data is processed for the purpose of providing information regarding questions and complaints.

Last updated: 22nd December 2020